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Ab Workout


Do ab workouts seem tiring and exhausting for you? Or maybe are you not seeing the results you’ve wanted even after religiously doing sit-ups? Try this ab workout with some recommendations on the right exercise ball that will work wonders for you.

Remember, whenever you’re doing these workouts, your goal is to get a full contraction. This is to ensure that you’ll achieve maximum effects and stimulate all your ab muscles.

While ab workouts may help tone your muscles and give you the 6-pack abs you’ve been dreaming of, you should also partner this with a good and healthy diet.

Ab Workout Guidelines

– Set a regular routine; Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Or you may do this on other days, just do it three times a day, with a one-day interval. You can do this while looking for an Oahu roofing contractor, or whenever you’re trying to buy something from Amazon or other online stores.

– It is important that you move from one exercise to another without too many pauses and rest periods in between.

– Whenever you’re doing each rep, make sure that you do it slowly and with control. Contract your ab muscles. Quality over quantity.

– Breathe. Exhale during the contraction, and inhale on your way down.

Abs Workout Set 1

20 reps of exercise ball crunches
20 reps of reverse crunches
20 reps of exercise ball side crunches

Abs Workout Set 2

20 more reps of exercise ball side crunches
20 reps reverse crunches
20 reps exercise ball crunches

Abs Workout Set 3 (similar to your set 1)

20 reps exercise ball crunches
20 reps reverse crunches
20 reps exercise ball side crunches

Perform all of these workout sets in order, with minimal to no rest in between until you’ve done the entire set. When switching sets, you may take a short 45-60 second break.

This particular exercise targets all three abdominal regions. The crunches are great for your upper abs, side crunches to target the obliques, and reverse crunches for the lower abdominal region.

Since this exercise uses an exercise ball, you have to buy one if you haven’t already. This will make your entire workout more worthwhile and effective.

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