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Best Home Gyms


Whats the best home gym on the market? Is there a manufacturer that makes the best home gyms? The answers to these questions is, there isnt one, and no.

Let me explain what Im talking about, because its a hard question to answer without a canned response (did I hear someone say Weider?).

You see, finding the best gym for working out at home is much more difficult than finding a decent treadmill or elliptical. Why? Because, believe it or not, home gyms are complicated in their form and function, especially to the uninitiated.

Youve got multi-gyms, free weights, power rods, leverage arms, exercise bands, dumbbells, body weight resistance, gravity (oh that pesky gravity) andyou get the idea, its a lot of complicated sounding stuff to worry about.

To compound the problem of figuring out the type of gym you should get, you also need to buy the right gym to suit your exercise goals.

Confused yet? Dont worry, Ive been where youre at and I have some good news for you

Ive already done all the hard work of reviewing the best home gyms on the market and I’m going to share what I learned, with you, for free (before you get too excited and think I’m giving all my stuff away, I said I’m going to share my knowledge, not my stuff  ;^)

And now without further ado, heres my obligatory list of the

Best Home Gyms

Bodylastics Home Gym

I’ve always been a staunch supporter of using free weights when I workout and never thought I would consider owning exercise bands. That changed when I got the Bodylastics


TRX Home Gym
My wife and I have been using our TRX for almost 3 years and counting (long before all the health clubs caught on). If you want a versatile gym for functional strength, thats compact and easy on the wallet, give the TRX a try


Ironmaster Super Bench and Quick Lock Dumbbels

Ironmaster Super Bench & Quicklock Dumbbells
Have I lost my freakin mind? This is the third nod for best home gym that, technically, isnt a traditional home gym. That said, this lethal combo eats up those fancy gyms and uses their bones for toothpicks


Body Solid exm1500s
The 1500s is a versatile home gym that’s small and compact, yet offers tons of exercise variety with a low pulley station. From chest to legs, and back to arms – the Body Solid 1500 can handle anything you can dish out


BodyCraft Xpress Pro
Easily simulate free weight exercises for core training, functional sports training and many movements that a typical gym with a fixed plane of motion cannot good ergonomics and adjustabilty to boot

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