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Personal Development Coach Beauty A Quick Look On How You Can Wash Your Face With Eyelash Extensions

A Quick Look On How You Can Wash Your Face With Eyelash Extensions


Getting new eyelash extensions can be quite the process, but it is definitely worth it to have the most beautiful lashes possible. However, once you’ve spent quite a bit of money getting these extensions, you may be wondering how can you wash your face while ensuring you don’t accidentally remove or damage them. So, we will now look at a few ways that you do just that.

The first tip is to use a makeup wipe in order to remove the makeup from your face, while carefully avoiding your new eyelashes. Of course, you will need to wipe off the makeup on your eyebrows, however, you have to be very careful to not touch your lashes while doing so.

Next, you can use an oil-based cleanser to clean your face. Of course, you should choose a cleanser that you’re comfortable with and doesn’t react negatively with your skin. You can place a small amount on your fingers and apply it to your face carefully around your cheeks, forehead, chin, temples, etc while avoiding your lashes. Be very careful not to use this cleanser around your eyes since it will very easily get on your lashes.

The third step is to use a washcloth that has been dipped in warm water and wrung out so that most of the water is removed. You will have to carefully use the washcloth to clean your face but be very careful to avoid your eyelash area.

If you are wearing a lot of makeup or you wear makeup every day, then you might need to do a double cleansing with a deep cleansing gel. Once you have applied it to your face, you will need to remove it using the wet washcloth as before. Once your face is dry, you can then apply a toner and moisturizer.

In closing, we have just looked at how you can wash your face with eyelash extensions. Once you follow these instructions you should be able to clean your face without accidentally removing your extensions so you can enjoy them for a longer period of time.