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Dukan Diet Guru Under Fire for Ethics In France


The founder of the Dukan Diet, Dr. Pierre Dukan, is under fire for an ethics violation in France for his recent remarks suggesting there be an exam that 17 year old French students must pass by keeping thin.

Dr. Pierre Dukan, whose Atkins-like diet has been credited for the famous figures of Kate Middleton and Gilsele Bundchen, faces a disciplinary hearing for ”remarks, which could harm teenagers already struggling with obesity or anorexia,” according to a complaint filed Sunday by the French College of Physicians. (more)

The remarks are a breach of Frances medical ethics code and if hes found liable it could result in disciplinary action by the board.

In a second complaint, the French College of Physicians said Dukan was more focused on making money than on medicine — another ethics breach. Dukan has sold more than seven million copies of his dieting books, the BBC reported.

The report goes on to say that there are possible dangers associated with the Dukan Diet and that it sets people up to fail.

There’s a real danger to health if people stay in the restrictive [attack] phase. But the biggest danger is it sets you up to fail.

Although the Dukan Diet has been controversial, and has come under fire before, it hasnt seemed to stop people from trying it. There is a loyal following of #dukandiet chat on Twitter every couple minutes.

Have you tried the Dukan Diet? Do you think its dangerous, or is the French Medical Board just over reacting?

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